Ep. 22 – Freelance Column Writing with Rob Rath

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We’ve had people asking us about doing a freelance column writing episode, so here you go! Rather than just info-dump straight from our own brains and experiences in the column-slinging world, we’re excited to bring in our colleague Rob Rath, who has written his fascinating Critical Intel column for several years now. In this episode, we pick Rob’s brain on all things column-related and share some of our own thoughts on the subject too.

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Show Notes

Andrew is getting over being sick and Nathan is digging out from a real busy few months of word-slinging. Woo! Short show notes for the win!

In this lengthy interview-episode, we chat with special guest Rob Rath about the ins and outs of pitching and writing columns as a freelancer. We talk about generating steady ideas, approaching outlets with your column pitches, troubleshooting the things that can come up when doing columns, and much more!

Referenced Links!

-You can find out guest Rob Rath on Twitter here or at his site Rob Writes Pulp
-Nathan’s new books – Indie Author Success Series
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